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Solar Inverter, Christchurch

  • 27/03/14 Company news
  • The all-new Zeversolar is going to start a “solar revolution”

    Since March 2013, Zeversolar has improved its process competence, and in turn raised the quality of its products and services. To reflect its new brand and product strategy, the company also redefined the brand Zeversolar, its positioning and appearance. They can be summed up in the new brand idea of democratizing the market of photovoltaic inverters by bringing the power of the sun to more people. This is also reflected in the new claim: Energy for everybody.

    Zeversolar has successfully established itself on the market in Asia and Australia with its public grid-connected inverters. With headquarters in Germany and offices in Australia and Asia, the company aims to participate even stronger in the worldwide growing sustainable energy market.

    In 2013 Zeversolar became part of the SMA Group. During 2013 the major restructuring measures were completed and lead to increased product quality, improved reliability, process competence, as well as a stronger international sales and management team.

    The solar revolution is going global, so it’s important that it is lead by an internationally experienced management team. The Management´s expertise in running big multinational companies allows Zeversolar to draw out the synergy of cooperation between different departments, from Research & Development and Operations to Sales and Marketing.

    By increasing the productivity and lowering the material costs substantially the brand is now able to offer a wide range of easy to use and affordable photovoltaic inverters. The string inverter portfolio is rounded to satisfy a wide range of residential and commercial applications for selected international markets. The public grid-connected photovoltaic string inverters ranges from 1,5kW to 20kW now. The central inverters range from 500kW to 1MW for use in the industrial market. They all feature a wide range of DC input and MPPT voltage and a high protection class of up to IP65.

    “The numerous international certificates that the inverters were awarded also make Zeversolar a very competitive choice. And thus makes them especially attractive for people entering the market of solar power for the first time. This is reflected in Zeversolar’s new brand idea of being the enabler for more and more people entering the market of solar power. Today we launch our new brand positioning which is executed in our new brand appearance and communication materials, announcing a solar revolution and making Zeversolar stand out as revolutionary brand in the field of photovoltaic inverters.

    Combining the best of the two main principles, the reliability of German processes and the flexibility of Chinese production, the company wants to focus on the simplicity of Zeversolar inverters and services, making the access to solar power easier for everybody;” said Sven Schreiber, Executive Vice President of Zeversolar.