Off Grid Southland

Let's face it, Southland is a wet place. At least your solar panels are kept clean. Luckily we can design systems with extra panels and low light sensitivity with the latest nanocarbon batteries; so a fully off grid solar system will actually  function well at the end of the earth.  You will still generate power even on very dark rainy days.

Please see our contact page to arrange a free solar quote. We will have one of our local assessors call you and work out what the best solution will be.

You can also contact us on 0800-2-GO-SOLAR / 0800-2-46-76527


Our Southland solar power installers are fully qualified electricians with specialist training and experience in off grid solar installations.

We do fully off grid solar power installs for tiny houses and batches as well as larger homes, farms, dairy and lifestyle blocks up to an industrial and commercial size.

We provide information on Tesla Powerwalls, LG Lithium Batteries, lead carbon and nanocarbon solar batteries for off grid purposes in Southland.

We cover Invercargill, Gore, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Fjordland, Lumsden  and areas in between for off grid solar solar power.

Call us for any off grid NZ questions for any location in the country. We have done off grid installations in the roughest places, and we are known to carry steel beams and panels up mountains and through snow and load everything into boats to cross fjords, lakes and rivers. We are even prepared to build our own roads - whatever it takes to get a good job done right.

off grid Southland