Longi Solar Bifacial Double Glass Panels

Longi is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world. They are consistently highly rated as a Tier 1 manufacturer by the Bloomberg independent survey.

The HBD bifacial panel has solar cells on both sides, with the ability to generate additional power from the rear reflection off the roof, up to 25% more power than the standard front rating.

  • Double glass design with glass on both sides instead of standard plastic backing
  • Sturdy frame to give increased strength
  • Greater resistance to hail stones - increasingly important in NZ
  • 30 year warranty on the power output - the longest in NZ
  • Bifacial design - makes other panels with only one face obsolete
  • 355 watts but with additional power from the rear making true output an estimated 370w +
  • Solar cells colour matched for superior aesthetics 
  • Moncrystalline construction 
  • PERC technology for low light conditions
  • Superior performance in cold winter weather

Trina Dual Glass Solar Panels

We believe Trina Duomax M+ to be one of the best  panels New Zealand.

Trina Duomax is one of few panels available that uses Dual Glass technology. Unlike plastic panels promoted by competitors, Dual Glass means both sides of the panel are composed of heat strengthened glass, giving it a maximum fire resistance rating plus improved strength against New Zealand winds, hailstones and earthquakes. The solar cells are fully encapsulated and protected from moisture and the outside air. They don't deteriorate in the same way that plastic panels do and hence they produce more solar power during their lifetime - an estimated 50 years.

Trina Duomax M+ panels have  a smooth, streamlined appearance with brilliant aesthetic results and no need for electrical grounding, making for a fast and easy solar installation. 

The difference in appearance is a bit like a smart phone vs. a dumb phone from 20 years ago. Sleek, streamlined, modern.

Trina Duomax M+ panels have a longer warranty than other panel types - 30 years guarantee on the output of the panels. They are highly resistant to UV deterioration or microscopic damage during transport or high wind conditions. They consistently score number 1 in several independent studies*.

Trina Duomax M+ panels are monocrystalline and have PERC technology incorporated within them, meaning they capture some light reflected within the panel, giving a much better result in dark or low light conditions. They also incorporate the latest half cell designs, which increase the efficiency of power flowing through the entire panel by providing twice as many connections.

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