Tigo Power Optimisers

Power Optimisers are a new and retrofitable technology to get maximum benefit from a solar system. They work particularly well in areas of heavy shading, or uneven and complicated roofs with strings of panels at various lengths.  In a regular grid tied system, the panels are linked in series. This means if one panel comes under shade while the others are clear, then the others will only perform as well as the shaded panel. With a power optimiser system, each panel works independently of the others and gross or total power can bridge over shaded or underperforming panels.

Power optimisers have essentially superseded Micro Inverters because they do the same job for a much more economical price.

- Power tracking (MPPT) per module. Current and Voltage adjusted for maximum performance.

- 2-25% more energy from a PV system.

- On line module level performance and remote monitoring which can be linked to your mobile phone.

- Can be supplied already fitted to solar panels (smart panel), reducing installation costs

- Can also be optionally fitted onto other panel types and retrofitted to existing systems.