Being fully off grid in NZ means full self sufficiency for power. Off grid living requires more panels, batteries, a battery management system and a mandatory generator back up. Off grid loads should be shared as much as possible between different systems, so a gas stove, and wood fire heating with a wet back are good ideas. Off grid battery requirements are different from hybrid systems, because of the need for longer storage in a partially charged state and ability to charge  slowly. For these reasons lead acid and derivatives of lead acid batteries like lead carbon (nanocarbon) and lead crystal are preferred over Lithium Ion types.

We also supply low energy Scandinavian fridges and freezers that can lower your refrigeration power usage by 50%. This is important as refrigeration can be one of your largest draws as it works continuously, day and night.

SMA is a German solar power giant. Their off grid products are regarded as the best in the industry; with superb customer care and extended warranties available up to 25 years.

To go off grid, you will need an SMA Sunnyboy Inverter and a SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverter/Manager; as well as an appropriate store of batteries. The system can be monitored remotely using a Sunny Home Manager as long as you can access wireless broadband from your property; but the system will work fine without any internet connection at all.

SMA SunnyBoy features:

- Dual Power Point Tracking for shaded or complex roofs.

- Standard Webconnect free online monitoring.

- Highly flexible design reduces cabling requirements.

- Low noise, transformerless and fanless design.

- German style high efficiency of 97%

Off Grid SMA
SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Off Grid


- Manages home energy consumption intelligently between appliances, batteries and energy flows.

- Wide temperature range and exceptional overload capacity means German reliability even in the most critical situations.

- Compatibility with LG Chem Lithium Ion batteries as well as most other types; and compatability with all Lead Acid batteries.

- Forecast based charging.

SMA Sunny Island


- Monitors your load profile (the electrical appliances you use and the time of day you use them).

- Produces graphs and charts of power output and usage via the Sunny Portal.

- Makes predictions based on weather reports.

- Sends  you emails in the event of a failure.

SMA Home Manager Off Grid


Sealed Gel Lead Acid batteries are ideal for NZoff grid applications. The FIAMM SG range have  very low maintenance requirements yet performance is on par with conventional vented cells with positive tubular plates

- Conforms to ISO 9001 international standards

- 18 year battery life at 20% DOD

- Excellent cycling capability

- Valve regulated

Off Grid Batteries

lead crystal batteries

Lead Crystal is a cutting edge technology with excellent applications for off grid solar use.

- Recyclable up to 99%

- Longer battery life up to 20 years at 25 deg C. 3,100 cycles

- 3 year factory guarantee. ISO 9001 certified.

- Full recovery from 100% discharge with no damage to the battery.

- Better usage performance - charges up to 40% faster than alternatives.

- Extreme temperature resistance - operates from - 40 C to + 65

Lead Crystal Battery | Christchurch

Lead carbon nanocarbon batteries

Nanocarbon batteries are the king of off grid battery storage, giving Lithium like performance for much less cost.

Sulphation is the chief cause of battery deterioration. By inserting micro engineered carbon sieves within the battery design, sulphation is much reduced; plus the carbon itself acts as a super-capacitator, delivering very high specific power on demand, a feature that Lithium batteries cannot match.

- Higher fire safety rating. No need for a fan cooling system, or a battery management system to prevent over charging/ under charging. No harmful gases, and very minimal maintenance.

- Can easily retrofit onto all existing grid tied inverter systems and all off grid lead acid systems in NZ.

- Higher energy density, higher number of cycles at various levels of discharge and higher battery life than all other types at a similar size. For example, traditional lead acid batteries typically supply 1,200 cycles at 50% DOD. Nanocarbons supply 3,500 cycles at 50% DOD.

- 20 year design life (meaning proven life in a lab environment with conservative use under test conditions).

- Comes with a 3 year warranty, and a 10 year recycling agreement - meaning after 10 years, you can return the batteries to us and we will replace them with brand new ones for 50% of the original price*

Nanocarbon batteries Christchurch


Generators are a necessary back up for off grid solar installations.

Honda makes petrol Generator/Inverters that supply a stable sine wave, this means they can be used for delicate electronic items like computers, directly. The Generator can also be fitted with an automatic start mechanism controlled by the Sunny Island, so if the batteries get low it will kick in straight away, whether someone is present or not.  Honda have parts and service everywhere in NZ and supply a 2 year domestic warranty as standard.

Fuel efficient, reliable and lightweight, the EU 7000 generator is suitable for many situations. It also eliminates the need of carburettor drainage before storage.

  • Maximum output of 7000W/240 volt AC
  • EFI Fuel Injection System provides 15% more fuel efficiently (compared to the current model)
  • 19.2 (L) fuel tank
  • Noise level: 52dB (A)
  • Self diagnosis with 'I-Monitor', a feature that protects your investment
  • Starts first time, every time with convenient electric start and recoil start back-up.
  • Hassle-free push button engine start
  • Easy storage and transport with a One Push 'H' shaped fold down handle and large diameter wheels
  • Up to 18 hours of continues operation on a full fuel tank at quarter load
  • Lightweight, compact (118.1kg) unit (dry weight)

Honda Generator Inverter | Canterbury