LED's go hand in hand with solar, because they reduce the night time use of power by a large percentage, up to 85% of lighting costs in most cases. They also last a long long time, 25000 hours or about 15 years and there is a warranty included  to back to that up.

We supply the top FSL brand and can install all types. R80's are the type that slot into light wells in the roof. A60's are the classic bulb used in lamps. LED tubes are available in different sizes.


LED bulb R80, Christchurch

These high quality B22 energy saving LED Reflector R80 bulbs are designed for domestic, commercial and retail lighting, and are a direct replacement for older B22 (Edison Screw Cap / Bayonet Cap) incandescent bulbs.

Our 11 Watt B22 LED Reflector R80 bulbs feature High Power SMD LEDs with a frosted cover which is giving out a great 800 to 850 Lumens.

Our  R80 bulbs give out a 105 degree beam angle of light, and are designed to give the best light effect. Available in cool white and warm white.


LED bulb A60, Christchurch

We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, offering a comprehensive 2-year warranty and 30-day hassle-free returns on all our LED bulbs, to ensure peace of mind and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

For a small investment you can the cost of your purchase within 6 months of installing your New B22 LED bulbs. Not only will you recover the complete cost of your investment, but you will continue to save the same amount of money every 6 months over the expected 15 years life of the bulb.

This means it makes sense to pull out your old incandescent bulbs straight away rather than waiting for them to blow, because it is more economical to swap them with LEDs now.

LED Tubes, Christchurch

LED Tubes with Fittings

This is the most cost competitive LED fluorescent batten solution, especially for shops, businesses and factories with large banks of fluorescent tubes.  These fittings have already been pre-wired for LED tubes and they come along with ONE 9W LED tube. So you don't need to buy led tubes for this batten. The body of the batten is aluminum, which makes the batten not only light but also highly resistant to the salty weather of New Zealand.

Wattage (watts): 9W

Fluorescent Equivalent: 18W  (So a 50% saving in power)

Warranty: 24 months

Average Lifetime:  25000 hours

Color Temperature: Warm White (3000K) & Daylight (6500K)

Size: 610mm*38mm*67mm