SolaX Hybrid Inverters

SolaX is the leading brand in the world of hybrids.

Hybrid inverters maintain connection to grid power, but are able to charge and discharge batteries at the same time. The SolaX inverter will always use solar power first,  but if there is an excess of power production they simply use this to charge a solar battery such as the LG Chem Resu 6.4. This battery can supply power during the evening when the sun is down. If the battery gets low then the system uses the grid connection to provide balanced power output no matter what the solar conditions or specific power requirements are.

On the other hand, if the battery is fully topped up, and the panels are still producing electricity then the inverter will export excess power back to the grid and the home owner will receive credits.

SolaX is a good  choice when you definitely intend installing a battery. You will have full security from blackouts by adding the optional EPS Emergency Power System.

For other battery options that connect to SolaX, see the Off Grid section. Battery units can be retrofitted and extended at any time.

Solax Hybrid Inverter
Solax Hybrid with LG Battery | Christchurch