Solar  Battery Storage

Solar Battery Storage is one of the most exciting developments in the solar power industry.

- We supply the latest LG Chem Lithium Ion Batteries, both the 6.4 and the 9.8kW. For Nanocarbon (lead carbon), AGM and Lead Crystal batteries see the Off Grid section. We are also a Tesla Powerwall installer.

- This is a good solution for remote areas where the cost of connecting to the grid is prohibitively high.

- Our grid tied inverters can be retrofitted for batteries any time  using an AC Coupling device.

- For customers that want batteries right away and to maintain their grid connection at the same time, then they will need a specialised type of equipment called a hybrid inverter.

- In most cases, customers already have various forms of storage in their hot water tanks, timed freezers, underfloor or night store heating. They can also use timers so that washing and drying machines and heat pumps can automatically come on during the day using the sun's energy to power themselves.